Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A couple of years ago I saw a painting on ebay and the hubby decided to bid on it and win it for me. I have posted a pic of it before. It is a Pug face done in browns/tan/purple/teal and I have it hanging in my office. Now at that time I only had Chloe and Zoey. Well, today I was checking out ebay and came across this listing

Strangley enough the painting is named Rosie! I thought that was so weird. I didn't even remember that. Seems someone else bought one and is selling now...thankfully the hubby didn't pay that much for mine!


Kara said...

That's beautiful! I have these: For Gizmo:
and Kritter:
But I don't think those paintings have names.

rpm said...

That's a pretty painting and I think it does resemble her! I saw where they were selling it just to pay bills because of being out of sad.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

I thought I saw that in one of your pictures you posted....I love that picture.....


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