Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rosie is sad

Isn't Rosie getting big?

Poor Rosie is not feeling good. Today the hubby brought the girls to my office. We got take-out and went to local park by canal to eat. He called when he got home to tell me that Rosie had yelped several times in the afternoon and was looking very sad. He checked her over and she didn't appear to have any injuries, but would just yelp out every once in a while. When I got home she did not get excited to see me and hid under table when I let her out of her crate. I did some mama cuddling and tried to figure out what could be wrong. Then it hit me...she had her Rabies shot on Monday afternoon...could this be it? I believe that is a "muscle shot" and have heard that sometimes dogs react to it. Neither Chloe or Zoey ever had any problems with shots, so I am perplexed. Has anyone else out there had their Pugs had problems with shots?

Other than this, I have spent this week working on hubby's ebay listings. He has 3 sets of auctions going on now...phew! He "parts out" motorcycles, his little (messy) hobby. Seems he is constantly cleaning the garage. The first action closed last night, so now he is busy packing, tomarrow night the second auction will close and the third will close on Monday. He still has 2 motorcycles that he has not started tearing down yet. He likes to finish up by the end of June, so he can enjoy summer and the money he makes...haha.


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

You know Willow just had her Rabie shot as I mentioned a few weeks ago she became extremely sick whether it was from her shot or medication..who knows??? anyway I had to bring her back to the vet a few days ago because I noticed a lump on her hind-end and she limped. I panicked! I was like OMG what now.....They told me that she developed a cyst from the Rabie shot. I didn't realize this is where they gave her the shot...and they say it could take a couple of months to go away....well it is just about gone and it doesn't seem to be as painful.
Yes Rosie is gettong Big...I brought Belle in last week for her 2nd set of shots and she is a tiny little bugger.......she weighed in at 4lb 4oz.... he doesn't believe her weight is anything to worry about she is just going to be a petite girl.

Chris and Rosie said...

Our Rosie had a reaction as well to her rabies shot last year. Scared the H... out of me. It happened on a Saturday, rec'd her shots in the afternoon and by supper time I noticed she kept scratching her face with her back paws and kept trying to wipe her face with her front ones. When I took a closer look, her face had swollen up to the point her wrinkles had disappeared! Poor thing had the fattest lips and it was hard to laugh and panic at the same time! Off the the Emergency Vet Clinic, shot of a high dose antihistamine and benedryl throughout the night.

Sandra said...

Awww she's getting big.

Lola hasn't had reactions to her shots yet. I would be so panicked if she did. Poor Rosie, I just want to love her :)

Beth said...

Aw...I hope Rosie feels better very soon. :-)

Pyrite said...

Feel better soon Rosie!

Woofs from Pyrite

Punchbugpug said...

Happy to report that Rosie is her usual wild and crazy self! Did I mention she weighs 6 1/2 pounds????


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