Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Last week my doctor's office called to remind me that I had missed my yearly mammo....now, I asked myself..."how did they know"?. Apparently, they actually follow-up on this stuff! Crazy. Anyhow, as last August I had the HUGE lump scare and have had films, ultrasounds, surgeon visit, return surgeon visit..and on and on. This all taking place from August thru December...ugh! So, I confused my re-film on problem breast with my annual, who can figure. So I call to schedule and they tell me they can't see me until May. Normally, I would have said darn and scheduled, but instead witchy me comes out and I say..."nothing sooner?" and get the response...."sorry, no", I reply "WELL MY SURGEON IS NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT THIS". Suddenly I have an appt. for exactly one week later, which happened to be today. Move ahead. Leave work, go to mammo, sit, wait, fret, go in, undress, sit, wait, fret, go in exam room, you know that drill, go back, wait, fret, they come out, need more films, go back in, the drill again, go out, sit, wait, fret, sorry we see something you need an ultrasound, yikes, sit, wait, plan funeral, go in for ultrasound, lay in the dark, feel like throwing up, told to wait there, sit, wait, fret, they come back..."everything looks fine"! Can you say THANK YOU GOD!!! I go back to surgeon for other breast in May to talk about removing Mr. Mass, think I'll have him check out Mr. Okay No Problem, while I'm there. The fun sure does never end. Did I also mention I have skin dr. follow-up exam in April, I need an eye exam, and I still have to get appt. with knee doctor?????? People wonder why I dress my Pugs...because I'm loosing my freaking mind!


♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Oh My what a stressful day you encountered! I am glad everything looked fine .I went threw a scare like that last year but (cervical) I had surgery, and they got it all thank God! Not a good feeling. at least you have 3 pug faces greeting you after a stressful day....I hope you treated yourself to a glass of wine or 2 when you got home! Phewww!

Anonymous said...

"People wonder why I dress my Pugs...because I'm loosing my freaking mind!"

HALARIOUS. If you ever write a book about your pugs, you MUST include that line. Precious.

Punchbugpug said...

Haha, your right, that did sound pretty funny...hmmmmm, a book about my Pugs and their adventures...oh, I love it!


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