Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pug friends

Chloe, the Pug who changed my life!

I continue to be amazed at the wonderful friends I have made all thanks to this sweet girl. She started it all out for me. I belong to a great group of Pug people that organize events in upstate NY . Over the past three years our "core" group has organized events to promote Pug rescue and awareness, and supported local shelters for the welfare of all animals.

When I first joined these "pug possessed" people we used to just work on our 2 large events, now socialize as a group. We have a couple of summer parties, a February party, we go to meetups and travel to other areas Pug events. We even have been known to get-together without our Pugs, imagine that! I have made some great, great friends within this "core". People I would have never met otherwise.


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

I love the plate..! you and your friend need to go into Pug Business! you can make the darling outfits and she can make the plates. you both are so creative you really should consider selling your items online or have a Booth at a Pug Social?

-*- Nicole & Sadie -*- said...

I love those! And I second what Willow Bell (Lisa) are saying. You would earn a profit doing something you sincerely enjoy :o)

Anonymous said...

I think pug people are the best. I just wish there were more out around my way. We live kind of rural and my local pug meetup there are none of my age. But I still love to go. At least they are as crazy about their pugs as I am.


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