Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy Saturday

Today was a beautiful day in upstate New York..yeah, finally. We took the play yard out of the kitchen and decided that "potty on the paper" needs to be "potty outside". Crazy Rosie doesn't seem to do potty much during day, but at night becomes the "mad pooper". I have never, and I do mean NEVER seen so many little poop piles...phew. Well, today we went out 5 times and went potty 5 times. No inside accidents. No accidents in the crate. I am going to say a potty prayer tonight.....yikes. I guess I'll set the alarm for 3am and take her out...ugh!

We also took our first walk with the three of them. Rosie pranced right along with the girls, she was very cute about keeping up. Tomarrow is Pug Meetup with a St. Patrick's day theme...stay posted for photos. There is a contest for best costume.

We also took a trip to Home Depot today. We live on a busy corner and only take the girls outside with harness and leash on. When they were smaller we used the play yard and carried them out, but found when there were two it was just easier to harness and leash....well now three is a leash nightmare. I have been bugging the hubby to fence in a small area off our deck/garage area. There really is no good place to fence. Doing it this way will mean he needs to make a gate for the main deck steps, add a back set of steps to fenced area and then put up around 6 or 7 sections of 8 ft. fencing. He is not thrilled. We have to do it so we don't interfere with pool and pool deck and patio...what a pain. Of course I love the vinyl old fashioned looking fence, but the price is crazy per section and we'd like one area gated, plus have to do all the work ourselves...ugh. So, I am thinking of calling in the professionals and maybe doing a black chain link fence. It would just make life SO much easier and then we could also enjoy the deck/pool/patio without worrying about the girls! You know...all about those Pugs.

By the way a friend of ours told me yesterday that I need grandchildren.....haha.

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***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

The fenced in area for the girls is a food idea...we too are doing the same and wanting it on or side door so I can see them from the house and also will be near the Pool will allow space for me to get them a wading pool for them in the summer and my daughters can swim in our pool and I can have an eye on all my girls. it will be nice thinking I can leave my side door open and give them freedom to go in and out as they please while I am home of course.


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