Monday, June 04, 2007

The Weekend - Pugs - Pink

The weekend started out with my great-uncles funeral on Saturday. He was 90 and had served in WWII. Everything was fine until the folding of the flag and "Taps" being played. BLAH At the end everyone was handed flowers to place on the grave or take home. I took mine to my mom's grave. My dad's girlfriend A joined me. She is so sweet, kind and understanding! My mom's sister was at the service. I have not spoken to her due to family issues after the passing of my mom and grama shortly after. I decided that this would be the day I forgave and moved on. When she came in I said hello and gave her a hug...I thought she would faint! Quite honestly I thought my husband would faint too! The rest of the time went well. I am glad I did this and do not have to regret never taking care of letting go of the past. It was time.

After the luncheon we packed up the Pugs and headed for the lake. Here is Zoey..."pretty in pink". This pink chairs have started a new color phase for me. I am really a "red" person, but needed a little change for the pink (close to red, right?)

Here are the girls haveing alittle conversation. They may be discussing Rosie being naughty or Marty the worry wart...or maybe lunch plans.

P and I went out on the boat. We left the bay and went out onto Lake Ontario. These are some very cool cliffs. The soil is sandy and the erosion is crazy! My camera doesn't do justice to the way they just hang there.

P gets a closer look with the binoculars. He is NOT looking at the guy with no clothes on sunning himself! Here I was snapping pics and P says "heh, that guy doesn't have any clothes on". Gross.

P put the window in our shed today too. It opens and has a screen...just what every "shed" needs. I think P may plan on staying out here! Someone left the primer home....hmmmm.

A little closer view. We have a window box to go under it that my grandfather made a long, long time ago and I had saved.

The flowers are looking good despite the lack of rain and no one being here during the week. These flamingos got their fresh coat of VERY PINK....ahhh, the pink continues. Poor P.

These two need new paint too. Maybe next weekend.

On the way home Marty decided he had enough of those girls and went all the way to the back of our SUV. He is in the corner behind Rosie. I had a better pic, but the computer lost it.

Rosie only stayed there briefly and then sat by the gate crying for the next half hour. Chloe wishes she would just go to sleep! Good thing it's a short drive home!


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Glad to hear you forgave your Aunt. I know that can be a very difficult thing to do. Looks like you had a great time at the lake! Nice Flamingos!

Priscilla said...

I LOVE the flamingos.

Pink is beginning to grow on me.

Rosie is a spoiled thing! Awful cute though.

rpm said...

You know I clicked on that picture to see if there was a nekid man and I didn't see anything! Thank goodness. I love the pink...looks very bright and cheerful. Forgiving sure can lift your spirits and take that dark cloudy feeling about that person away. I love seeing Rosie's POUTY face.

Leah said...

I'm with rpm, I looked for the naked man too!

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

I love going on your camping tours... A camp couple had the same pink chairs as you...they won them at the campground last year.
I think of you each weekend we are at the lake hoping that you are enjoying it as much as I am....

AM said...

I love those pink chairs! I love that style of chair, but I've never seen pink! Very cute. And the picture of the pugs sitting on the chairs looking at each other is TOO CUTE.

Good for you for forgiving and letting go. It is HARD to do. I just recently did that too with some family issues after my mother passed away 6 years ago.

laserone said...

OMG, what's better than pugs in pink chairs! BTW, what size puppia harnesses do you have on your pugs? Riley wears a large but it's getting tight around his neck and I was thinking of getting an XL but am not sure if it'd be too big. Any suggestions?

lepug said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The pink chairs are cute! Your little garden spaces are very pretty.


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