Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life...death and the stuff in between

This summer has been a series of life events dotting the world around our family. We have already been to a wedding, 2 birthday parties and 2 funerals and it is only June!

I started out the weekend going to my cousin's little daughter's 1st birthday. P had left for the lake earlier, but I had errands and stuff that were begging to get done and wanted to stop at the party and drop off her gift. I got there at 12:30pm and left at 3:55pm....opps!

We went fishing when I got there and then made dinner and relaxed. Sunday morning we decided to leave early for home as we had calling hours to go to for our friend who died unexpectantly. P was anxious about going as he and S had golfed almost every weekend during the summer. S was at our summer place "up north", but also lived around 10 minutes from us at home. When we got to the calling hours it was as if a party was going on! Noise, laughter, crying. The entire back wall of the room was a "shrine" to S. All his favorite stuff, snacks, golf clubs, photos, cards, games, fishing poles, rings, work belt (he was a union carpenter)...unbelievable...but the wildest part....a photo of him on top of his fishing tackle box...which held his remains! Yep, his wife put him in a tackle box. It was perfect! So a hard visit, became bittersweet and we laughed and remembered his LIFE...not his death.


AM said...

That is the perfect way to have a funeral. I know I would be very sad if when I die all my family and friends were very depressed. I would want them to remember the fun times and celebrate life.

(knocking on wood)

rpm said...

That is nice that everyone was remembering him with smiles and stories.


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