Monday, June 11, 2007

The Big Weekend

C survived her big "live" race modeling. She text'd us "I'm getting suited up"....then a bit later we received this photo...

Friday a storm came across a lot of the east coast. Up at the lake the storm looked wild. I was a little nervous being we're basically sitting up on a hill with water on 2 sides of us, although I do love storms.

and once the storm passed, another beautiful sunset

On Saturday our son came to the next place for the first time. We took the boat out to show him the sites.....hmmm, who exactly is driving this boat?

This log was covered in "turtles". Very cool. We fished by there and they would slide off the log and sit in the water with their little heads above the water's surface.

Also, lots of Canadian Geese and babies. The adults watch over these little ones very well, with "guards" in front and behind each little group.

Oh, P caught a fish...

But R caught a bigger one...sorry dad!

R went back to our house Saturday night and we stayed over. The campground had Bingo..we did not win. Afterwards a campfire with the neighbors.

Sunday morning we raced home for C's birthday. Yep, my baby girl is 21 years old. Wow! It REALLY doesn't seem possible. We had a nice family party in the early afternoon.

C and her Aunt C (P's sister)

No birthday is complete without CAKE! Sandy my best friend made this...I could have eatten the whole thing!

After the family left C and I went to her 1st "legal" outing. Yes, she asked her mom to go with her to a bar. We met all the girls from the salon and some of her friends from cheer. We had a lot of laughs. One of her friends got her this sash and a tiara that says...I'm 21. It was funny to have guys approach her and then she'd say "this is my mom"!


Ronin_The_Pug said...

That was an awesome weekend... except the storm. ;) Kisses!

Sandy said...

C is a beautiful the racing suit! Looks like a very nice weekend up there! I see you all in long sleeves on the lake..must be nice! Your yard is so beautiful where you all are having the birthday party. To be 21 again!!!! That would be wonderful.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

What a great weekend you had! Happy Birthday C!

Priscilla said...

You have such a beautiful daughter. My middle turns 21 in August. My how time flies!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter TOTALLY looks like you and takes after you and your son TOTALLY takes after "p" and looks like him.
CRAZY :) I know first hand why she'd take you out with her to party, heck, i'd party with u anytime, ur one hip mom & so cool & down to earth!!! great shots, looks like fun had by all!!


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