Monday, April 23, 2007

What no power????

At our new camp each place has it's own electric meter. These meters have been installed from the electric company and you call to order the service direct. At our old place we all had our own meters, but there was really only one service and the owners charged per kilowatt whatever they wanted. It tended to be a rip-off. Anyhow, yesterday P and I were sitting around enjoying our new location and we decided to have lunch before we called it a day and headed for home. To understand the story completely you will need some facts. First, one of the new items I bought for this year is a water cooler. I have always wanted one for camp. No lake water for this girl. Nice cold/hot bottled water. Sweet! Now P was not thrilled with this, I mean do the Pugs really need bottled water???? and why PAY for water..and on and on. We set the water cooler up and his first comment was how much noise it made. Now really it has to make a little noise, doesn't it. Now on to background info two...earlier P had taken some extra blocks down to the owner and in his absence I was doing a little decorating. I decided to hang a couple of small photo collages my son's fiance had made me for Christmas in the guest bedroom. In doing this I had to drive 2 little nails in the wall. P doesn't really like me to do this and I have been told in the past to do this cautiously. Anyhow, P came back and I proceeded to start lunch. I looked over at the microwave (isn't camping fun????) I noticed the clock was not on. I said "heh, P we have no power". He checked the converter, the fuses and the main power source. There didn't seem to be any problems. He immediately started to blame that darn water cooler. He started with the 50 questions....did you check the instructions, blah, blah, blah. Now my thoughts had flown a different direction...had I put a tiny little nail into a electrical wire????????? OMG and did I dare say that out loud??????? I decided to keep my mouth SHUT. We got the manual out and looked over all the information on ground faults, etc. We turned off all the main power and he took the ground fault socket out and checked it out. He turned the power back on and we plugged a light it....and woohoo, everything came back on. I said oh you fixed it! He said to himself what did I do???? The water cooler was forgiven and I secretly prayed that that little, tiny nail did not pierce the wire and was secretly getting ready to start a little nail fire! We finished making lunch and decided to go for a little walk around the park prior to packing up. We were not going to take the Pugs as we wanted to get a good look around and not play the four Pug leash game. We left and I kept looking back expecting the place to flame at any minute. We went down to the water and walked up around the main entrance. We stopped to say hello to the owners and then started to walk back. I was secure in not smelling any smoke or hearing anyone screaming FIRE. We stopped at the bottom of the hill and met a couple that lives near us at home. We were talking about this and that and I mentioned to the wife that we had a little electrical problem, but it seemed my husband had fixed it....and she says to me "OH THE POWER WENT OUT IN THE WHOLE PARK, DIDN'T YOU KNOW??????" I nearly fell over. I told her about that damn, little nail and gave her a good laugh, meantime my husband said how he had blamed the water cooler and here it was the power company! They told us next time to go to the meters and see if any of them are moving before thinking we had a problem!

Now move ahead to today at dinner. P is talking about how funny it was that we thought we had electrical problem and were trying to fix it and I say....."yeah, and here I really thought I had messed up the electric with a tiny, little nail!" Today he laughed...not sure he would have yesterday!


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Ha! That's a great story. Glad you have power again!

Magnolia Sun said...

Funny story, he sounds like my husband. Do you just rent a space each year?

rpm said...

Oh, boy....i am glad the nail didn't cause the problem. Did you have to use lake water for drinking or just for bathing at your other place? When I went camping back when I was in Girl Scouts, we had to get water out of the streams into our cateens and put chlorine pills in it....nasty.

Mia said...

I enjoyed your story. I've been thinking of getting a water cooler for the trailer as well. We always lug up water every weekend.


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