Friday, April 06, 2007

The Great Deck Adventure...or sometimes your just in the right place at the right time

P and I had today off and had plans to go get the deck and move it to the new place. I also wanted to pack up the rest of the breakables for when the trailer gets moved. My dad didn't want us to drive up as a lot of snow was predicted for the area. We have to travel 105 miles east and then north. We promised if it was too bad we would turn around. This is how most of the drive was.

We arrived safely, although temperatures were in the 30's and it was very windy.

We were happy to see our place in one piece, with no winter damage.

P built the deck in movable sections.....



Very, very cold!

There is the deck all stacked up. What a job. Did I mention my back hurts????

Now for the drive back to new place.

When we got there the owners were excited to see us. The wife asked if we were really wanting site 37. I was a little worried when she asked, but then they told us that just before we got there another couple called and said they have to break their lease. The wife is extremely ill and the "bank" is taking back their rv. Their site is one of the ones at the far end of the place overlooking the bay.

This is a pic of their place. You can see the bay behind it.

Here I am measuring how much further our place will be there. Our rv is about 15 feet longer than the one there. They do not have theirs pulled all the way to the back of the site. This owner places the trailers for good privacy. From here we will be able to see our boat in the dock. I'll be able to look out on the bay and see P fishing.

Looking south, you can see places are nice and far apart. Lots of privacy!

This pic was taken from the roadway. There are four campers in this section.

Lake Ontario is directly behind me in this picture. We will be able to see sunrise and sunset....awesome!

I guess I need new house numbers...........

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