Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Great Deck Adventure - Part Two

Today marked part two of the move....ugh.

Here is a pic of P jacking up the trailer so put blocks under the wheels. After 8 summers it has settled in. Not sure you can tell from the photo, but it was ALL mud. Clay like mud that stuck to everything. Horrible, evil, mud.

I took all the rocks from around the deck and took them to my neighbors gardens to surprise her. After all there was NO way I was moving all these rocks to new camp. Too many, too heavy and I'm just TOO tired!

This is other side of trailer with "slide room" in. This is side my dad used to be on.

There is no pictures for you of me sitting in door opening with mud caked boots crying. P wanted to take a pic and I wouldn't give him the camera.

Yep, there is still snow on the way south to new place!

This is road leading to new place. Looks like Fall instead of Spring.

Almost there.........

One of the views....

The previous rv has been moved. In the distance you can see our pile of blocks that are used to secure the trailer and deck (along with the trailer jacks, of course)

Going back out.

Looking pretty darn gray lakeside!

Looking pretty darn grey bayside too!

We got home 12 TWELVE hours start to finish. Dad and A met us at new place, then we got a bite to eat. When I got home I was so tired I drew a bath and never got in!

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Pugalicious said...

ah there there no reason to cry.. it all turned out ok!


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