Thursday, April 12, 2007

Always ready to play

Rosie loves toys, Rosie loves to play, Rosie loves to wreck toys.

I have been up since 5am today. P is on his new work schedule and subconciously I hear him getting ready for work. I did my step-dad's income taxes (he just gave them to me this week), paid bills (blah), and surfed blogs (I see AM is up early too!). It is raining and is supposed to turn to snow this weekend....please you sunbelt bloggers send us Northerners some SUN!!!!!


Mia said...

Play Rosie, play. Enjoy your toys.

rpm said...

I wish I could pack it in a box and send it on! I love the feeling you get when it first turns beautiful outside ...and you are going to be feeling that soon!


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