Wednesday, April 18, 2007


What a nice surprise! P called to tell me that a package had arrived from New Hampshire. I was meeting him at the hair salon to get a bite to eat, so I told him BRING IT!!!! In the middle of the restaurant I opened it! I drew a lot of attention for sure!

P and I kept turning off the lights the numbers show up really well. The flash of the camera made it seem much lighter. Can't wait to put it in a great spot!

For those of you who read our ramblings you know that both Lisa and I have camps. Now we both have a Pug to show you the way. We'll leave the light on for you!


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

He Arrived! Yeahhhh! When I saw him I knew he belonged at out Camp Sites....I just hope Zoey doesnt bark at him too much...(I remember you mentioned that on my post back when I blogged about mine)
I will think of you each time I see my lil Pug lite at the lake....You will have to take a picture when you find the right spot for him....I think I may have mine on our deck steps....
Sorry I couldn't get you that screen room you want so bad!
Funny that you opened up the box at the restaurant! LOL

rpm said...

Oh, that was so sweet of her...I like the thought of both you y'all with those pugs lit up at your camps!

AM said...

That is so sweet of her! SHe is so thoughtful. That will be a great addition to your new camp!

Magnolia Sun said...

Very sweet of her, so when are we meeting at the lake?? I hope you have warmer weather this weekend.

Mia said...

How great that will look at your camp. We have a trailer as well. Now that the nice weather is here I can't wait until we open (Mothers Day weekend). I love summers by the lake.


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