Friday, April 20, 2007

The Great Deck Adventure - Part Three

Off we got with #74 co-piloting

We left early in the morning with gravel and other supplies, stopped at new camp and dropped stuff off....what a beautiful day

Got to old camp and finished cleaning up. Mover arrived and hooked us all up.

Notice the dents on the back...they are from an airborne rubbermaid shed that hit us during a wind storm!

Hubby taking one last wave.

The trip to the new camp was uneventful. When we arrived owner said he would put it on with his tractor, which would be easier and make less of a mess of the ground. Notice he is not actually ON the tractor. Guess he's done this a few times!

My dad and P watching.

and still watching

All in place, what a nice view!

Notice that darn stack of deck....that still needs to be put into place and leveled.

Number 74 resting, he had a good trip!


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

WOw...Kinda a bitter~sweet day I bet. You have had 8 years of fun and memory making at the camp you left today...and ready to make new memories at the other...Looks like a exciting day...I am so anxious to get over to ours....I just got a notice from our Camp saying we may not open when planned due to still having a foot of snow there... I can't wait to see where you decide to put your Pug Lite ...Ours is on our back Deck now...He is all lite up and waiting to get over to the Lake for the summer...
Tell "P" your camper will look great with a Screen room....
(Wink, Wink)

rpm said...

I loved seeing this adventure. You are right...beautiful view y'all have there. I am excited for you all to start having a good spring and summer and fall up there! Looks like so much fun.

AM said...

That's so cute you took pictures of #74 making the trip! Very exciting! Love the new view.

lepug said...

Loos like a lot of fun...we definitely have added camping/fishing trip to our next family adventure!


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