Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thundery Thursday

Well, the weather has been very interesting around here. Hope all our blog friends in the flooded areas of NY, Penn, and NJ are safe and dry! We have had lots of thunder today and tonight here in NY. I love thunder!!! I especially love it at night while I'm in bed...crazy???

We'd like to send special puggy get well wishes to Gizmo and Baxterman. We all pray everything will be a.o.k. with both of you! We will be praying for you!

Yes, the stumps are gone and yes, we moved all that stump wood around. I changed the area where the biggest stump was and now my chiminea sits there. No pics - too much rain!

No, my car is not fixed. It was in the shop all week and no one even looked at it. Hubby went and picked it up this afternoon and took it to BJ's for tires, then bought ceramic brake pads and roters. He will replace those tomarrow morning himself, before he leaves for camp. I take it in Wed. am to have the recall work done on the catalytic converter. Cars - money - blah, but I love my little VW Bug and have NO car payment, so any money spent doesn't equal paying monthly! Yep, keep telling myself that.....


Paula said...

Your not crazy......I love the sound of thunder also. Pugs don't feel the same way about it though. I find it relaxing. I can do without the lightning though.

I do not know Gizmo and Baxterman, but please send them well puggy wishes and prayers from me also. I hate to hear about an ill puggy.

rpm said...

Punchbug, thank you for the prayers and thoughts for BAxterman. He is doing well since his episode the other night. I sure hope that little Gizmoe can be rid of that cancer. His mom and dad must be so scared. You sure have a lot on your plate trying to get ready for camp! No car payment is a very good thing even if you have to have fixes once in a while. I want to hear what AM has to tell us about the baby girl, too.


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