Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hump Day

So today my sister called the camp owners about my dad's spot and they said they had reconsidered and were going to drop the $450 fee. Now we don't know if we should pay and have him stay and maybe sell it during late summer/early Fall or pay just the $450 and get it out of there. I think it would sell better up there on the site with the deck and stuff. Thanks WillowBelle and Ragus for the support about all that! Loon Lake looks really nice, but kind of a long drive each weekend! Darn!!! My hubby really likes more of a woodsy atmosphere....I prefer beachy, oh well.

So after work I race home to the girls, go to take them outside and....step on a BEE. Okay, I give up! HAHA Wow, that little bugger hurt! Seems there are lots of the little devils out there in the lawn today. I'll have to watch it with the girls, never can tell if they are allergic or not.

Went ot Petsmart tonight and got dogfood, met a Pug named Henry, very cute, but then once again...aren't all Pugs? He was only 8 months old, but I think Rosie is bigger than him. She is soooooooooo tall and lanky and CRAZY.

Yardwork update. We have a large area in our yard that had some white pine trees that were in bad shape. The branches of these trees used to touch the ground and the area was like a small forest in the middle of our yard. Well, over the past 20 years these poor trees have done very bad. Ice storms, wind storms..lots of broken limbs, etc. We have been afraid that they were going to fall over and take out our carriage house, pool, or garage, so we finally had them cut down. What a mess!

Unfortunately Blogger is giving me a problem posting the rest of the photos.....blah!!!!


rpm said...

Wow, your property is beautiful! I bet the air smells good with the smell of that pine being cut. Were they going to be able to use that wood from the pines for anything?

I hope your dad's place sells. I bet it would sell quicker up there with the deck, like you said. Will your dad miss it or is it just something that is a pain for him to maintain now?

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Tough decision on the camp I bet seeing how it has been apart of your lives for so long. It can't be an easy decision for you. I am still baffled about the treatment you encountered with the camp owners.At least they dropped the $450. fee..... Best wishes on what you decide.
Willow got stung by a bee last fall. She did have a reaction to it. I had to bring her into the vet and they gave her a shot and watched her for the day. I also got stung by a wasp last summer and YEAOUCH!!!! not a good feeling! How did your daughter make out??? anything on her belongings yet??


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