Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rosie does not want surgery

The vet sent pre-surgery paperwork to our house for us to sign and bring with us when we drop Rosie off Monday morning....this is what Rosie thinks of the anetheisa release forms!

Now, she didn't rip the cover letter, but tore to shreds the sheet that required my I am worried.

Garden - tree removal update. The guys that were doing to stump removal from the 6 trees that we had down called last Tuesday to ask if they could drop off the stump machinery. Now having no idea what type of machinery they actually use, we said sure just put it in front of the area where you will be working. They said they would be by "later in the week" to do the Wednesday afternoon I came home to a truck sized piece of equiptment behind a large truck - parked in the center of our circular driveway. Okay, fine we have several driveways so that's not a one one one Sunday, I still have 6 large tree stumps in my garden areas and also have a large yellow something machine and a large truck.....possession is 9/10ths of law, right???????


Katie said...

Ha, you could hang a few potted plants off of the machine, let them know how wonderful an addition it has made to your landscape.

Anonymous said...

It sure looks that way! What is it about paper they like to pulverize?

Will be keeping Rosie in my thoughts and prayers today. I'd make her a pug sundae for an extra special treat when she was able to eat if I lived near.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

what are the odds of that happening? it is one thing for her to find a peice of radom paper in the house, But it to be the one that requires you to sign for her spay surgery! That is funny! Do you think Rosie can read?

Punchbugpug said...

Heh, I like the idea of hanging potted plants from the machine! I think I will tell hubby to do it and take a photo! Personally, I think they needed a place for their truck and equipment!

Paula...I know Rosie would love a Pug sundae. I know she is going to be SO darn hungry. She was mental this morning, looking for a snack.

Lisa...yeah, isn't it funny that she didn't rip the letter that came with it??? She was VERY sad this morning when I dropped her off...and she weighed in at 14 pounds! She's no puppy!

Coco said...

Aw, good luck sweet Rosie! That is too funny she'd rip that paper. Like she knew!
Tell Rosie that her Momma best spoil her like crazy when she comes home! :o)

I like the sundae idea! Think she will to!!!


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