Thursday, June 22, 2006

Can't be a puppy forever!

Rosie is looking so grown up! She is only turning 6 months old and so TALL. Monday she goes in to be spayed. Maybe she'll calm down a bit! HAHA
And the new "snack of choice" for the girls......

It has to be better for them then cookies!!!


Anonymous said...

She sure is a beauty. I took Paisley in for her spay in late March, she was a little over 5 mos at the time. Can't say it calmed her down though. Some times I swear she is part Jack Russel Her and Bandit were getting their s/n down at the same time. I was a nervous wreck waiting to here from the vet all went well. As it did!

Pyrite said...

What a little lady she has turned into! She is very beautiful and I wish her luck with her surgery. I am sure her sisters will look after her when she gets home.

Cheers from Pyrite's Peep:) and Pyrite too--- she cannot type right now--- she is having intense talks with a Jumbone;)

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Rosie you are too are a big girl! Bigger than Willow for sure. Willow goes in soon for her spay too I just am not looking forward to Belles Absences for a night. We wish you luck on Monday!

Coco said...

Rosie is so adorable. She is a big girl now! A Beautiful big girl. Hope all goes well for the Spay on Monday, she'll be a calm girl now LOL
I love her collar! Is that the same one you got for her as a tiny little puppy??? It must be expandable! LOL

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes Rosie...I'm sure you will be fine. I'll be checking to see what your mama says. I'm having a hard time commenting or getting my e-mail until I get back home...sandy


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