Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 4th of July to all our friends!!!!!

For Willow &'s what you'll be doing on your pool deck real soon! Don't forget your sunscreen...not sure which SPF to use!

Hubby and Chloe have already arrived at camp. Their all settled in and waiting for my daughter and I to get there. We'll be leaving here around 11pm when my daughter gets home from work! YIKES!!! I thought I would take a nap after work, but it never happened. Zoey and Rosie are resting up for the drive.

AM hope you and the baby are home with Jason and the dogs and all is going well. Can't waiting to "hear" all about her!!!!!


rpm said...

Oh, that picture made me laugh! They are so cute sitting there sunbathing. I think they need a tropical cocktail to sip. Y'all have fun at the camp this long weekend.

Coco said...

Have a great time at camp this long weekend!!

Too bad you & Lisa arent close........then you could go to the same campgrounds! The Puggies would sure have fun.

I love your deck.
It sure looks like Zoe and Rosie like it too! Where's Cloe??

Happy 4th!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic. They should be resting up, much for a puggy to get into during a camping trip. They will be busy. Have a great time, Happy 4th of July to you also.

Punchbugpug said...

Aren't they funny on the deck. The hubby loves posing them lounging around during the day and sending me the photos at work! Makes me wish I was home lounging with them during the day!


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