Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get away - recap

Having a little posting difficulty with blogger, so here it is already Tuesday and just posting about the weekend! I have tons more photos, but blogger issues! UGH!!!!

Well, it's back to reality. We had a great time in New Jersey, despite my recovery process. It was probably actually a really good thing that I went away, that way I wasn't tempted to try to do any excessive jobs around the house!

Friday morning we left our house and drove to SIL's house, which is 40 minutes South of us. Got our stuff in their car and drove 3 minutes into the town they live in for breakfast. Yeah, we got really far. After breakfast, bank, post office, and pharmacy for my BIL we were ready to leave, finally! About 3 hours from home we stopped for gas and my SIL bought this lovely ring:

It became the "hit" of the weekend, her "keeping an eye" on everyone! We arrived at the Seaview around 4pm. We decided to freshen up, change and drive the short distance to Atlantic City. We went to a new casino there called the Borgata. It wasnt' right on the strip, so it was nicer than the others. We played a few "slots" and then went to a FAB buffet. I hesitate to even call this a buffet. They had everything Chinese, to steamed clams, steaks, prime rib, wonderful veggies, and more! There was no way to even "taste" everything there.

After eatting, back to the "slots". Now I told myself (a non-gambler) that I was only spending $40 - no matter what. Well, at the end of the night I had won $150! How fun is that???? We left and went back to our villa and called it a night.

Saturday morning the guys went to get a massage and we ladies went to the spa. Here is the beautiful Elizabeth Arden Red Door entrance!

My SIL got her nails done and I hung around, relaxing. We went from there to hear the sales "talk" about the Marriot Vacation Club. After that back to the villa to get changed. We went to the Country Club (Seaview Hotel) area and had a great lunch in the clubhouse. Did I mention that the LPGA was being held there at the same time? We were right in the midst of all the excitement without even buying tickets. We could see a lot right from where we ate.

After lunch we took a tour of the hotel. This hotel was built in 1914 and retains so much beauty! We saw some beautiful suites (NO PUGS ALLOWED!!!!).

After our tour we went back and all rested before going out again. My BIL wanted to go back to the casinos....which we did. My $40 that night turned into $18.50! DARN. By the time we got back it was nearly 2am, so right to bed.

Sunday morning we got packed up and left the guys to go back to the spa. I had a massage (paid for by SIL) scheduled for 10am. It was wonderful! After, showered, changed and off to the hotel's famous brunch!

Ahhh, makes me hungry just looking at them!

All in all a very nice weekend. Lots of laughs and rest, just what I needed.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man that fruit tart thing looks so good! That's my kind of pastry. Ive seen Paula Deen (food network) make a big version before. I should try that sometime. Delicious!

.:*PugLove*:. said...

Looks like a beautiful time!! You deserved it!!

Sandy said...

Wow, that looks like a great trip. Your SIL looks like a lot of fun, too. That eyeball ring made me laugh. I love pastries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Punchbugpug said...

I actually didn't eat the fruit tart thing...I was WAY too full! I did try to eat a cheescake version of it. Yes, my SIL is tons of fun! She has a generous soul and fun loving spirit. Great to be with.


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