Monday, June 19, 2006

Our camp

Lisa made me want to post photos of our camp too! They say the sunsets in our area are some of the most beautiful around. These are a few photos my son took.

Zoey loves to sit in this window...all the time. The other day I realized she had actually leaned so much she has pushed the screen out. I can't imagine how she would have reacted to falling out the window!

And most fun of all....the boat!!!


Coco said...

Your view is gorgeous. I love sunsets! And your boat.......... PUGBOAT.......That is awesome! I bet people always give a 2nd glance at whats on board on your boat after seeing the name.
I need one that says MALTEPOO Boat :) For my Coco, the Maltepoo.

Wanda said...

Oh to cruise on the pugboat with your girls would be so awesome! Pyrite likes going on my husband's parents' boat and paddle boat and we have also put her on our kayaks from time to time. With a life preserver after one incident when we realized she was not a strong swimmer:)

rpm said...

Wow, beautiful sunset that is. And the Pugboat looks like a good time! You guys are so blessed to have those campsites and good times. The puggies must be so happy when they get in the car to go to the camp.

alfredsmom said...

Oh my gosh! The pugs on the boat! I love it! What a great idea! And a GREAT photo!!!!

Punchbugpug said...

I thought you'd all love "Pug Boat". I have to say it was my hubby's idea to change the name last year! The girls do LOVE the boat. I just bought them life jackets. I worry so about an accident and I would be freaking trying to save them!

The girls do love camp so much. The hubby says..."girls we're going to the trailor" and they all get nuts. It is a 2 hour drive. A little over half way is the City of Oswego. They always wake up at that point and know daddy is stopping to eat! Then they are restless until we arrive. Silly little things!

Paula said...

Stunning view.....I love nature photography. My Bandit would screech if I put him on a boat, well not so much that but once we got into water. He is a big pussy cat. Love the boat awesome!

Duke & Gidget's Mom said...

What a GREAT photo on the PUGBOAT...I love it!
They look so darn cute ;-) I would love to find some of those life jackets and see if my two would enjoy going in the lake we live next too. Gidget gets in up to her belly and chases and bites at the waves...but Duke prefers it on dry land. Where did you find those?

Kara said...

I LOVE the pugboat!!!! I'm glad you got the babies lifejackets. We dug around at the lake after Moe jumped in and found one for doggies. If we were around water more I would get one for both - they seemed to enjoy swimming.


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