Thursday, May 06, 2010

When people do the right thing....

Sometimes a pet owner has to make a sad decision regarding their pet. This little guy's owner was NEVER home. Going to college, working two jobs....but LOVING him! She overlooked her own feelings and asked for help in finding him a perfect home......just so happened I knew of one!
My heart broke for the young lady that went home to a pugless house. She told me although her heart was empty and broken, she knew she had done the right thing for him. Unfortunately not everyone who takes in a pet does this. Some get relinquished to outside or crated or worse. This was a happy ending....I mean beginning!
PS - P was SO thankful this all worked out........y'all know what would have happened right?


Rachel said...

ooh, my heart just breaks at that first picture - I don't know if he was leaving his old home or arriving at his new one, but either way, you can see his confusion and a little tinge of anxiety. So so sad...but you're right, the right ultimate decision. Glad a new loving home was so forthcoming!

Unknown said...

What a cutie! I'm talking about the Pug, but that little girl is cute too :)

Mia said...

Sweet baby!! So glad things worked out for the poor thing!! Happy that's he found a home where he can get the love and attention that he needs!!


Jess & Lilo

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh we are glads the little puggie found a new furever home, but we's confused...Is that home with you guys???? Would 'dat cute little girl be related to you and reside at your house?? Do we see a five pug title??'ve got some s'plaining to do!

xoxoxo The pugga gang

the teacher's pets said...

That owner could've been selfish by keeping her pug even though she knew she didn't have the time for him; instead, she did what was best for her little pug. When someone thinks about the best interests of others (whether furry or human) that is love and that woman loved that pug to give him a home where he'll have plenty of well-deserved attention. Bravo!


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