Sunday, May 23, 2010

More trip...sorry to bore you, no Pugs!!!

Well maybe just one little Pug! My birthday gift from P. A hand painted porcelain Pug necklace!Closeup!P's sisters and their husbands had a little party for me on our last night. The cake was hilarious!The last morning together we went out to breakfast. We've been traveling together since I was 21 and we're still smiling!


the teacher's pets said...

Are you kidding me? You are 54? I'm sorry but I think you got confused when you looked at your birth certificate because you certainly don't look 54 to me!

That necklace is very well-done! I love it! I know a few pug owners in NH who would love to know where they can busy that necklace so let us know, okay?

How nice you got to get away from it all for your birthday!

Mia said...

Not boring at all!!! Glad you had an awesome trip!!!


Jess & Lilo

The Devil Dog said...

Happy Birthday, Punchy. That is a great necklace. Truly one of a kind. Hope you had a great day.

Roxy & Lucky

Wilma said...

Looks like good times!! I love cake.
Happy belated birthday!

Those Elgin Pugs said...


First of all, your puggies must be very kind to you because you DO NOT LOOK 54!! Ummmm... maybe I am being dyslectic...but still even 45??? NOOOOOOO!

Ya look good Lady!!
Love the neckless and "P" is a great guy ~ almost 35 years together!!! :D Sweet


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