Friday, May 21, 2010

Trip - Mount Vernon

On the first day of our trip my sweet hubby took me to Mt. Vernon. I am a history buff and since we didn't have Puggies this trip, we were able to stop while driving and see different places. Mt. Vernon was amazing. Sadly they didn't allow any photos in the buildings, but they had a wonderful book for only $7 with tax that shows everything in great detail! I thought the house was much smaller than I imagined...but then inside it seemed much larger. We went on a special addtional tour, so we saw the basement in addition to the first and second floor. 3rd floor was not part of the tour.the river side view Please notice I am wearing my Milhaukee Pugfest t-shirt!
Talking to the animals...of course

the resting place of George and Martha....interesting Martha's death date is 5-22...which is my birthdate....I'll remember that forever!

This was the original burial place for the Washingtons and their families...they were moved in teh 1800's per a request in George's Will.

Looking out over the river...what a beautiful place...

If you've never been, Mt. Vernon is open 365 days a year! They had 1.5 MILLION visitors last year. There is a lot more to see besides what I've shown. Two museums, outbuildings, wharf, and of course gift shops and places to eat!


the teacher's pets said...

Hello...I was wondering where you've been hiding and now I know that you are on vacation! Too bad you couldn't have dropped off your pugs at our house on your way to Mount Vernon because I think they'd love the attention and fun we'd give them...heehee!
I visited Mount Vernon a long, long time ago and I was just like you, talking to the horses, and enjoying the view...great tour!

Mia said...

Looks amazing!! Love the shirt!! I get mine tomorrow before I go work the track for the puggies!!! Glad you had a nice trip. Hope you have a great birthday weekend!!!!


Jess & Lilo

Sandy said...

I loved seeing these pictures of Mt. Vernon. I went there when I was 15 and I remember it being so beautiful!

Puglette said...

what a fun trip! i love road trips like that, where you stop and see interesting places. have fun!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Punchy!!!

Nice too meet you!! I just love seeing the faces of my bloggy friends!! I think you were up in the Cinco de Mayo, but you were in a card board cut out!
First of all, Love your Milwaukee PugFest Shirt ;D
I did get my Button from Boo and Ace and have yet to post my treasures from that day.
I love old hour tours!! Love 'um. That is a beaut.
We live in a house built in the early 1900's and live in the historic disrict in our town. They do hour tours and last fall they did a haunted house of an old mansion that was turned into a funeral parlor.
You enjoy your trip!! And thanks for sharing the Wonderful photos!!
Have Fun!!

Anonymous said...

We would love to go back in the spring, our visit was in late fall.


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