Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend recap

Well, as you all know Friday was our anniversary. Since we were leaving for camp right after I got out of work, we knew dinner was out anyplace good..especially traveling with the girls. So first I let hubby open his gift..

Yes, he did get my idea.... and actually thought I was VERY creative. He told everyone about it all weekend.

So off we went to camp. We got halfway and stopped at his favorite..."Wendy's". He ordered his digusting triple meat gross burger and I got a 99 cent frosty and 99 cent chicken tenders...which I shared with the girls. Now I am not sure I was actually sharing, more like they were taking. As we sat in the car attempting to eat, I looked over and said..."honey, happy anniversay" and we both broke out laughing. Saturday, the boat engine broke - the boat would only go in reverse, not forward, which can be a problem. When the hubby was putting it back on the trailor, it started to shift and he had to jump out and he FELL...fell and hurt his shoulder. After he pulled himself together we got ready and went into town for dinner. We ate outside at a restaurant called "The Boathouse". We had a nice dinner, a few laughs and hurried back to camp for celebration cake for our anniversary and a couple of birthdays. After that we went to another friends and had homemade apple pie and ice cream. (Does anyone see a pattern here?) Almost forgot to mention that my dad came up to finish cleaning out his camper. He is selling his and wanted to be all set before the end of the month. Sunday morning we went out for breakfast with him and his girlfriend (new and NICE, thank goodness), after breakfast I cleaned up our camper and packed up some loose stuff. Since we still don't know if we are getting another place closer to home we really need to be better prepared. IF the camper moves ALL the loose stuff has to be out or secured. BLAH - 8 years of stuff. I felt a little sad all weekend thinking about my dad leaving there after 25 years. I really don't think I will stay there no matter what. It has been great having him next door and I'm not sure how I'll feel with his spot empty or with someone else there. I was also sad because so many people have already closed up and gone and others will be leaving this week. We haven't told anyone we might move, so we have been saying our goodbyes wondering if these really are permanent goodbyes. Oh well, I always get a little melancholy with the Fall! Anyhow, we will not be closing up until October 15th and will probably be one of the last there for the season.


rpm said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend. Sorry to hear about your husband's fall but glad he didn't break anything. I bet that is sad to see your dad packing his stuff and not being there. Sounds like you maybe have made the decision to move on and start anew in another spot. You all still have so many years of fun ahead but it so sad to leave all the good friends behind. I imagine it's almost worse than selling a house and moving to a new one because you've had such a wonderful many years next to your dad and all the memories of your kids growing up at the lake there. I wish I could the fall season up your way!! Bet it's beautiful.

Leah said...

That is so funny that you guys have the same doggie bed! You will have to share a picture of Chloe sleeping. I thought it was SO funny that it folded out, like a futon!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when something I viewed as a constant changes. Maybe I am just to darn set in my ways.

Glad your husband is ok.


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