Saturday, September 30, 2006

Barktoberfest 2006

As you have read, today was Barktoberfest. Our "team" had 14 members walking. Between us we had 15 pugs - various ages from 4 mo. to 6 yrs...fawns and blacks. Following is a list of 10 things that said or happened today - or maybe I'll call it why I am not doing this next year -

1. Parking in muddy pumpkin field with 3 Pugs...walking through muddy pumpkin field with 3 Pugs.
2. Registration - Let's meet between 9 and 9:30am - hmmmm, where is everyone????
3. 14 Pugs and owners hanging out waiting for latecomers to arrive....stranger to group..."are they all related?".
4. Let's hurry and get team photo done before walk starts....sorry 45 minute wait...okay, let's go do the walk...where did everyone go...where does the walk start..."excuse me miss, where do we go?" - response "I really don't know, back there over to the side"....thanks.
5. Okay gang, lets walk over here...nice path, flat, dry, which was actually okay.
6. Woman to me - "how old is he?" my response "she's 3".
7. Woman to me - "are these bulldogs" , my response "no german shepards"
8. Back to picture taking. Oh, sorry, you have 7 PAYING people ahead of your group, you'll have to wait.....excuse me???? We just raised over $1,500!
9. Picture time finally shot..."oh you all looked perfect"?????????? 14 dogs, 10 people, okay we'll see.
10. Missed the contest contest...did I hear an announcement?

Add into that HUGE dogs, grumpy dogs, barking dogs, 100 people asking where did you get hose harnesses, retractable leashes. BLAH I think maybe I either need some kind of natural herbs or another vacation.


rpm said...

That sounds like quite an ordeal. I bet it was fun to see all the pugs and other dogs! That was a good amount of money you all raised.

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

sorry to hear it didn't go as you you raised a lot of $! way to go! I bet the girls had a blast running through all that mud in the parking lot! I hope their costumes consisted rubber booties?

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

7. Woman to me - "are these bulldogs" , my response "no german shepards"


Pyrite's Peep said...

German Shepard response was awesome! Putting that one in the vault for future use. Sorry it was such a kerfluffle! Hope the girls had a good time. Way to go on raising so much money!


Pyrite's peep

Anonymous said...

I would think twice about doing it again also. But the money for the cause might persuade me. Great job!

Use Rescue Rememdy for that natural herbal, works for pugs and humans.....LOL.


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