Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Pugs gave me a social life.....

I was just checking out the calendar for the rest of the month and there seems to be a real trend....
9/16/06 - Most Smooceable Dog Contest-Kibbles N'Bits - Ellison Park, Roch. NY
9/23/06 - George Eastman House unveiling of Pet photography entried (of course you know I sent in photos)
9/24/06 - Pugs in the Park - Corning, New York
9/30/06 - Barktoberfest @ Lollypop Farm, Egypt, NY (Animal Shelter)
10/01/06 - Pug-O-Ween - Brockport, NY (our group sponsers this event)
Just think that's only through October 1st! Do the girls have a busy social life or have they given me to replace the one I had raising kids?

On a different note here is a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday:

Mom - "Wow, I can't believe our anniversary is Friday and we'll be married 27 years!"
Daughter - "where do you guys want to go for your 30th anniversary?"
Mom - "maybe we should see if we make 28 first!"
Mom - hahaha

Anyhow, yes, Friday marks 27 years married to my hubby. Of course you know we married at 10 yrs. old! I am at a real loss what to give him for a gift. Do those of you married out there give each other gifts or just do a nice celebration with dinner? I'm not really into the gift thing, but the hubby REALLY likes the gift part. He always goes overboard. Any ideas?


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

We are not really into the gift thing either..we go away for our anniversary to where we stayed for our honeymoon. we usually go to a nice restaurant for dinner and drinks... Do you guys get away for a night or 2? What if you made him his favorite dish for dinner or leave him little love notes in his drawers or on the bathroom mirror.. or pockets of his clothes he will be wearing that day...leave one in the car...just little reminders that you are thinking of him....I do this sometimes..like valentines day or when he goes away for a few days.... anyway just an idea...Happy anniversary to you both!
Hey you should be in the Guinness book of work records! a bride at age 10...LOL thats funny so this must of made you 11 when you were a expecting Mother..LOL I know what you mean...I have been 28 for the past 6 years...LOL

rpm said...

Wow!! 27 years...that's great. We don't usually do gifts for anniversary...I get one usually because of it being a day apart from my birthday....but I have no clue what to get. I ususally ask what the husband wants anytime I need to get him a gift because he will not use or wear whatever I get as a surprise! I have learned the hard way over the years that I wasted money because I didn't ask first. I think cooking a favorite dinner or going out a favorite or nice restuarant is fun.

Tammy said...

My husband and I have never given each other gifts for our anniversary, and we have been married 6 years. We usually decide on some "larger" purchase that we both want, and get that for each other.

alfredsmom said...

That's so awesome how you have so many great pug events to go to this month! Im jealous! :)

Jason and I dont do anniversary gifts. We either do a nice dinner or go away some where. How about a nice Bed and Breakfast?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like here also. I have a to do list of pug/dog events to attend for the next month or more.

My hubby and I just like to have a nice eve out, most of the time with our children around......their treat.

Paula w/Bandit and Paisley


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