Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend recap - cleaning, sewing, Corning

Friday I set-up for my bf's mom's funeral luncheon. I met the delivery truck at the site at 9am, went to the service at 10am and afterwards finished preping the food for when they returned from the burial. I did not get home until after 2:30pm. My head was pounding! Hubby and I went to pay a bill, got an early dinner, and stopped at grocery store for a few things. When we got home hubby dropped off to sleep (that third shift - blah) and I cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I must have filled a garbage can with empty bottles, old products and stuff that just needed to be thrown out. I re-arranged all the vanity drawers and that was that.

Saturday I did laundry with yummy Tide with that smell. I worked on the girl's peeking!

Sunday, hubby had a gold tournament, and my daughter and I and the girls drove to Pugs in the Park in Corning NY. It was 110 miles there...phew! We met up with my friend who has 4 Pugs. It was kind of crazy there. The person running it did not have a microphone or anything and it was hard to know what was going on and when. While there I really decided I hate those retractable leashes. Seems I always had someone's elses Pug wrapped around my legs with one of those and they were 10 or 15 feet away. Not good for a big group. We ended up leaving early for the drive home. It was a beautiful drive, if nothing else.

My daughter handles 5 - our Rosie and my friend's 4!

Phew, here's what we would look like owning 7 Pugs!!!

On top of stroller...Isabella (Rosie's mom) and Dixie (Rosie's baby 1/2 sister),
Spanky and Dakota in stroller, and of course on leashes, Chloe, Zoey and Rosie.


rpm said...

You sure packed a lot into your weekend. I like the way you look with seven pugs!!! Can you imagine the vet bill? I like that stroller. I think I could use something like that. We have those retractable leashes and they are a pain.

Kara said...

looks like heaven to me!


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