Monday, January 28, 2008

I have to start resting more on the weekends!

Over the weekend I worked on my challenges with Girlville and 30 Something.

P's office is complete. Today I put the finishing touches on his "wall" of photos. They are enlargements of his original motorcycle, his current one, us, fishing and of course one of he and Chloe on his he didn't go anywhere with her!

Did you notice the crazy ceramic "Smiley" guys on the shelf???? I made the guy with the motorcycle for P in 1977!!! I think it's an antique...heck, some of you probably weren't even born then!!! I was only 8!!! LOL It was painted to match his Honda 750 he bought that year. The skier came from our ex-SIL. Crazy how they were boxed up in the attic.

This is some of his "collection" of car and card stuff that he has displayed.

When I come in here to use the desktop computer I feel like I'm invading HIS space! I need to work on that laptop for myself so I can be in my own office downstairs.

The furry ones just wanted us to be done with the room and get to bed!!!!

Chloe was trying to tell us what day it was....

and Rosie was worried we would never finish.....

Tonight I started to go through the boxes of sewing/craft supplies I had in the closet of that room....oh dear...not good...not good at all.........


Sandy said...

The pugs sure do look worried about what's going on up there! I think the B&W pictures framed looked great! I love this challenge that you all have going on with each other!

kristie said...

the picture wall turned out great! i want to do something like that now, lol. don't you love it when the fur kids help with things around the house?

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

The office looks great! I love what you did with the photos. Very cool!

Priscilla said...

You WILL share what's in that closet won't you?

Please? Pretty please?

With sugar on top?


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