Friday, January 04, 2008

First January Friday Post aka is Winter done yet?

Two more days until the computer is home. I can't wait. I feel lost not being able to fill up the hard drive with a million Puggy photos. I am keeping up with reading blogs when I can knock P off C's laptop or when I have a moment at work. P is learning to LOVE laptops. It would be nice to be able to purchase one for each of us. Maybe I can talk him into returning his new GPS for the boat to put towards one? Somehow I doubt it.

I ventured out to Michael's at lunch today and picked up a few items for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. I know, I know...don't say it! I also got a nice organizer for my scrapbook supplies. I will post a photo when I organize it all. Almost all the inside Christmas Decorations are down...almost I say. The living room tree is still up, as is the village. Honestly, the village consists of a wharf scene, so I like to leave it up until the end of January.

My wrist has been very sore. I may be pushing it a little much. I am getting antsy to get crafted. I will probably do some machine applique quilting first, mixed in with scrapbooking.

Tomarrow is one of the local Pug meetups we go to. This is the one that is an hour away. Did I say local? I'll decide if I'm really going once I see how the weather is going to be. I heard we were supposed to "warm up" (it was 17 this morning). I don't mind the cold, but do worry about snow/ice/etc.


Clover said...

Hey Punchy!
Happy new year!
I just received the tree topper in the mail yesterday (no idea why it took that long to get here, I see you mailed it on Dec 7!) so I am going to put it on the tree tonight, before I take it down. LOL. It looks really cute, I love it! You did a great job. Thanks!

kristie said...

i cannot wait to see what sort of valentine and st. patrick's stuff you got...i'm glad i'm not the only one that has christmas stuff still up...i've done 90% of the outside and 10% of the inside...want to guess what i'm doing this weekend? fingers crossed the temps warm up for ya and you go to the puggy meet.

The Devil Dog said...

It is supposed to warm up here, too. After 2 degrees, anything is warm.

Mom says don't push the wrist, it will take longer to heal.


Frances Louise said...

We can't wait until you get your new computer and can upload all those pug pictures!!

Wow, we would love to have a pug meetup here, but alas, we are isolated on a small island . . .


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