Thursday, May 18, 2006


Today I went to look for flowers on my lunch hour. It was pouring rain. There is something strange about looking for flowers, dressed for work, in the rain. I drove to Home Depot first and their flowers looked bad. Then I drove to a farm stand that I drive past each day. I picked out flowers for my 2 huge step planters and bought hanging baskets for my arbor. I thought maybe this year that would be all I would get. I have tons of perenials that bloom throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall and I really felt that was enough..until now. I realized I have 2 more planters on the pool patio that need flowers, another planter on deck that needs flowers, 2 more planters on the patio that is attached to my house, and 2 planters that are sitting in front of the basement windows where I had my hubby pull out the huge, ugly, overgrown I guess I am really NOT done buying flowers. Silly me. So, I will buy more flowers and then be done...maybe.

Speaking of flowers, did anyone see these flower "puppy" masterpieces? What a creative idea!


Pugcrazy said...

thats so cool, where can i get one of those? lol

Pugcrazy said...

thats so cool, where can i get one of those? lol

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

I went to our Home Depot also and I thought the flowers were not looking too good.....I bought mine at a farm stand too. Besides I rather support a local farmer then Home Depot....I love the flower arrangement of the Dogs. Very creative. Did you buy one???

Chastity said...

Those things are so freakin cute!!!

Sandy said...

I love those doggy-shaped flowers. I hope you all dry out and have some sunshine for a good long time now.


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