Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Chairs, flowers, and looking out the front door

Here is a photo of my gram's old chair (see Lisa, I have one too). I removed the seat and added a pot. I actually buy silk flowers for this arrangement. I move this chair every year. It is always in a different garden. Here is this year's spot.

Here is a photo of the arbor my hubby built for me. This has also been moved around the yard, but finally found it's forever home 5 years ago. I have been kidding around that my son should get married under this arbor.

Here is one of the two pots at the bottom of my deck steps. I put different selections in these each year too. This year I am going more with the greens and maroons of coleus with some white and pink. I really love the way the white flowers look against the brick and trim of our house.

This is one of the gardens on the south side of my house, along our patio. This garden is angels in memory of my mom. The only thing that ever gets added here is another angel statue. Each of them has some special meaning to me. The most recent was given to me on Mother's Day from my tenant. She knew my mom and knows how much I miss her. Nothing is blooming in this garden, yet!

Lastly, here is a photo looking out my front door. This door faces north. The white building on the left is our carriage house. My parents lived there when I was first born! Straight ahead is our barn. This "was" a working farm when my grandparents bought it in the early 1900's. My father was born here. Our family has seen a lot of changes in this town. We now have almost 40,000 people in our town and we are the fastest growing town in our County.


rpm said...

Wow, what a beautiful place you have! Thank you for showing it to us. The angel garden is lovely and so are all the little garden areas around your house. Getting married under the arbor is a nice idea. Wouldn't that be so pretty with vines and flowers wrapped around it for the occasion? You sure have a lot of room up there with a barn and a carriage house.

We have a store here called the Angel Garden and they have a lot of things for the garden and statues. They moved into a newer building a couple of years ago and I have not been to it. Your post reminds me that I should go check it out.

Punchbugpug said...

Due to it's size I have tried to "control" the garden areas of the yard. I have been working on the gardens near the arbor, adding perenials and such. Right now we need to have 5 huge white pines taken down in that area, so we have been holding off on adding anything or mulching. I also have a nice perenial bed on the south street side of the house, but nothing is really blooming in there, so I didn't post on that one either!

I love the idea of vines and such for the arbor! We held my daughter's Senior Ball photos and dinner at our house and the arbor was a beautiful backdrop. A wedding sure would give me incentive to get back to work!!!

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Very Charming. I love it. It reminds me of our area. I love vintage things and homes and the History behind it. How rewarding that you can live in the same home that your ancestors have had and the history behind it. You truly have a Home sweet Home.
I love the Chair your at least has a back on it. mine fell off last summer during a wind storm and then this past winter my Hubby hit it plowing the snow.( I had a snowman sitting on it. ) so it is a little beat up, but it adds character. Lol

Puggyspice said...

Very beautiful garden, and your house too!


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