Thursday, January 18, 2007

Toronto - part two

Blogger was nice enough to let me post some more Toronto pictures tonight....

Here is the bedroom in the $750,000 boat. This bedroom had cream leather and wood walls. It was really beautiful.

Here is the cable car "turnaround" on the way to the hotel

"Ragus", I posted these pics for always do such nice photos of what you eat! My husband is really getting into this whole thing after meeting "cute girl" and he was offering up ideas for other photos.

The fruit was yummy!

The start of the drive home..... ugh!!!!

and home again, the view from my kitchen....brrrrrrrrr


Justin said...

nice pics, nice yummy food. The last photo is simply great!!

And hey, check out my post too dog fashion clothing

Anonymous said...

Your pictures have inspired me, I haven't had breakfast yet! I'm not able to go to the boat show but I hope to make it to the RV Show.

Anonymous said...

I like those bed linens in the yacht. And I love your snow man sticks ons! Very cute!! I miss snow.... Well living in SC its not like Ive seen a lot of in during my life, but on a few rare occasionals we've had several inches. But the last times was 2003. Oh well. Dang Global Warming.

Anonymous said...

Love the bedding and the fruit and food looks so good.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo, i've inspired the husband to take more random pics, lol, he's quite into it all now isn't he?!?! yay :)
great photos, looks like an enjoyable time!!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Ha! Punchy we have the Snowman Window Gells too!


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