Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New b...l...o....g....g....e....r

I have not had a lot of time to try to figure out what's up with new version. When I try to moderate comments from work I get error message. I was so frustrated I did not even try to post from there. I need to take an evening and figure it all out. I did get an email from Blogger Help, but it doesn't address my problem. Some of you have given suggestions which I will try. It may have to do with my own computer, firewall, etc....I'm just not sure...BLAH

Yesterday I did another rescue...very, very, sad. Two Pugs owned by a woman who was a victim of domestic violence. She is going into a "safe house" and then moving out of state. She needed quick help with this two girls, a mother and daughter, 9 and 5. I have worked hard over the past 3 days and found them a wonderful home. Yesterday after work I drove to the woman's house, where they were packing the moving truck and took them from her. I have never witnessed such heartache for a person...(well not including human death). She held each one so tightly and cried and cried. I was crying, my girlfriend, was crying, and both Pugs were crying in my backseat. It was so, so terrible. They calmed down about 10 minutes into our hour drive. They are just adorable, but have no shots, no harness, no collar, no leashes, etc. I guess just no extra money for them. Amazingly in good health, she obviously loved them. None of these rescues get any easier for me. I am NOT a rescue group, I just love Pugs and would not be mean to any animal....well maybe a roach (lol). It got me to thinking "what if something ever happened to me and my family, what would happen to my four". Many people have provisions in their wills for their pets...I work in a law office, I write wills....mine needs revisions!

Hugs to all of you...we'll be back posting regular and hopefully pics soon!


Magnolia Sun said...

That is so sad but at least the person is getting away from the violence and thanks to you her pugs will have a new safe home. Yeah for you!

Manda Girl said...

I didn't have nearly that much trouble when I moved into new blogger... I don't know what to recommend to you.

What a sad story - you had me in tears at my desk! We have often talked about making our wills and having to decide who would take the girls... it's hard to think about!

Sandy said...

THat is so heartbreaking but I am sure you made that lady feel better because you love pugs so much. That made me get tears....years ago I was contacted one time by a lady that was recently divorced and had two pugs. We were looking for another pug and she checked out our references and decided to give one of hers to us. She couldn't afford both of them afte her divorce. So I went to pick up Phoebe (the pug) and the lady cried and was SO SAD. After a couple of weeks she came to our house to visit Phobe and Phobe literally SCREAMED when she was heartbreaking...that pug missed her mama. After two more weeks, Phobe started attacking Chichi and Tiny and it was so bad we couldn't keep her so her mama came back and got her and found a home for her that had no other pugs...she was a one pug home puggy. Thank you for helping find those two a new home.

Anonymous said...

wow, i don't know what to say to that. your a strong, strong, strong woman for saving those babies. i'd be devestated, crushed and bawl for days on end. thank you for being that person for those babies, the world needs more people like you :)

Leah said...

You are so wonderful, Punchy, and have such a heart for these pug babies. I could never, ever do it--I would end up with a house full of pugs and my husband would leave me. Thanks for all you do.

L said...

I work at a women's shelter and we have an agreement with the local SPCA that a woman's animals can stay 21 days at the shelter while the woman and her family get their affiars in order. I thought that was a good idea.
Also, a LOT of women don't leave abusive situations because they are scared for the lives of their animals.
So sad.

Kara said...

How terrible for that poor woman. I'm so glad she made plans for her babies, but still so terrible. Thank you for helping her!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

What a heartbreaking situation. You're so sweet to help this woman and care for her like you do. Thanks to you from all us Pugs :)


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