Sunday, January 14, 2007


We met and survived!

What a treat! A quick exchange of emails, cell numbers and we met! We couldn't have "planned" this any better! J is amazing. She was minutes away and she came to our hotel. I went to the lobby to get her and she was EXACTLY as I imagined...right down to the voice. I felt like I knew her FOREVER. It was so fun and that hour and a half FLEW by! She is so, so, sweet and funny and crazy too. I hope she didn't end up being too late for her "clubbing"!

Blah to dinner, I should have gone clubbing! LOL

I'll post about the boat show and trip later..our meeting was the best part! My husband said he really "gets" all this blogging stuff now..heehee. Of course, too bad for him I sat at dinner making plans for how more of us can meet and how we can meet and when we can meet. He just laughed at me! You know J...I'm a little crazy (bubbly?????)

Lisa, I'm not sure any place could handle all of us getting acquainted....come on S - Florida isn't that far! By the way, I'm coming out of the blogging closet - just call me Debbie!


♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Soooo Cool! Yeah I am so if it was us meeting! one of these days we will meet...even though I truly believe that was YOU and your daughter at the mall awhile back! anyway yes we will have to have to meet...I wish Sandy wasn't so far away when we go to Fl in a couple weeks...she is about 8 hours from where we are staying....I will have to Map Quest to see how far we are from each other....I am always up for a long car ride!
I know your name is Deb but I still seems to refer you as Punchy...LOL

Anonymous said...

Awww, sniff sniff, tear :) Debbie what an awesome post, thank you so much :) I love the mix of flags & our beautifull photos, oh man, i miss you already :) You are such a bubbly, outgoing, fun, down to earth, lovely person, it was such a fast meeting, but a memorable one!! I'm glad it opened your husbands eyes to our crazy world that little bit more ;) Oh i had so much fun ;) yay for us!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - we're all for heading down your and Lisa's way!! It's a little far for us but a dream vacation to drive through that way - what's a flight to TO and a rental car!! That would be such a hoot!

Sandy said...

Hey Debbie!!!! OH, that's so fun! I'm so glad you husband understands now. I think the friends I've met blogging are the greatest!

Leah said...

I don't know if I can get used to calling you Debbie--punchy is stuck in my head--but I shall try!

Anonymous said...

Yay! How great that you got to finally meet! I hope more of us get to meet eachother soon too :o)

Nicole & Sadie

Punchbugpug said...

Heh...Punchy, Debbie, doesn't matter! It was so great meeting. I look forward to our own "blogger convention"!!!! I should have video'd us on my telephone!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious!!! WHat!!! You met J??? WOOWOWOWOW! That is AWESOME. I am a little jealous. I am so proud of both of you for being brave enough to contact each other decide to meet. THat is AWESOME. WOWOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahha...."What was Sadie doing?"

What do all pugs do when their humans are in the kitchen cooking, or baking for that matter?!?!

Climbing my legs trying to wait and see if I drop anything :o) Sitting patiently on the floor with her best puppy eyes and her head slightly titled knowing full well that she look just cute enough for a treat :o) I shared the marsmallows with her :o) I give in everytime, I'm a terrible mom!! Hahha!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad ya'll got to meet and had a good time.

Coco said...

Hey Debbie! :) Wowa!!!!!!
How incredible/exciting!!!!! What a fabulous time!!!



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