Friday, January 19, 2007


Chloe enjoys a moment on the big bed all by herself.

When you fill the water bowls.....they all come and do share too!

Rosie looks's just her face

Zoey grabbing an along moment too


Anonymous said...

We occassionally get some sharing between Bandit and Paisley. If we don't, we know whose fault it

Being a pug is a big job, by yourself down time is definitely needed! Precious pics!

Anonymous said...

sweet babies :) its certainly a house full o pugs for you :) must make for crazy moments each and every day!!

***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

as soon as i put down a fresh water bowl Belle things it is something to soak her 2 front paws in.... she has done this since she was little..she steps in it then takes her feet out then takes a drink of is like she is testing it to make sure it is the right temp to drink from.....

Anonymous said...

I thought we are crazy puggers but you have 4! must always be rowdy and fun at your house! Please add us to your pug friends! We are looking forward to learning more about your pug herd!

Porky & Brownie (


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