Thursday, January 11, 2007

Toronto International Boat Show

Well, I have been "talked into" going to the Toronto Boat Show this weekend. It starts tomarrow and goes until next Sunday. This Saturday seemed to be the only time we could go between my husband working nights and me working days. We are leaving (without Pugs - boohoo) Saturday morning at 5am!!! It takes around 3 1/2 hours to get to Toronto from our house. We will spend the day at the boat show and can check into our hotel at 2pm. I haven't had any time to try to figure out what else we can do on this short trip, as we just formalized the idea TODAY. Seems someone lost their birth certificate and then lost the replacement birth certificate and had to order another for $36, which luckily came in the mail today! I'm sorry to say that someone is ME! I'm so busy keeping everyone else's stuff organized - my own got messed up! Apparently as of 12/31 of this year a birth certificate and photo id are necessary for travel in and out of the US, even to Canada. Next year we'll all need Passports.

Anyone have any ideas what to do on short notice in Toronto?


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Boat shows sound boring :(

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good trip. I've had to go to those before and they aren't that bad. Just makes you want to buy one and of course I always want the real expensive ones.

Sandy said...

That sounds like fun! I wish I could baby-sit that four for you while you are gone.

Anonymous said...

I've only been to TO once... so I don't really have any good ideas for yo :( CN Tower? It has a glass floor for you to look down while your standing on it. I almost passed out (scared of heights!) Enjoy your trip and drive safely!

Anonymous said...

come visit me :) t.o. is 30 mins. from me :) hee hee, i'll pop over to your hotel, we'll hang out :) you guys are so darn close punchy, who knew!! hope you have fun at the boat show, i don't have any reason to go there, but it sure sounds like fun :) ENJOY :) hey, i'm supposed to go out dancin' tomorrow night in the big t.o., do you like dancin'? like clubbing? theres a LOT of clubs/bars/eateries downtown:)

Punchbugpug said...

I know Norman, the whole boat show thing sounds a little boring to me too. I plan to make the most of it.

Yeah, MS I like the most expensive ones too, but I don't like SMALL SPACES...especially underwater ones, so looking is okay, but nothing temps me to buy.

RPM - I wish you could babysit too. I'm sure my four would LOVE IT!!!!

Manda - I haven't been to TO in a couple of years. I would prefer going shopping and to a show. My husband is trying to talk me into a Leafs game too! Although I do LOVE HOCKEY!!!! I will NOT being going to the CN Tower...I HATE HEIGHTS!!!!!! Glass floor OMG!!!!

Cute One...sure pop over to the hotel - we check in at 3pm! LOL I hear they have a cool pool with a water slide (yeah like I hate heights)!!! We have no reason to be at boat show husband is always LOOKING!!!! Heck, we have a boat that is perfectly good for a family with FOUR PUGS...Did you know our boat is named "Pug Boat"??????


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