Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekend

There was a boycott....or should I say Pug-cott this weekend. No walk, too cold! 13 degrees too cold. Can you see Zoey wayyyyyyyyyyyy back there by the radiator?
I finished a sewing order, painted, crocheted some Valentine towels for a friend and did 3 scrapbook pages for the Milaukee Scrapbook contest. I'll be sending my pages along with Swampgirl's. I wish I could see all the wonderful entries....such a touching theme... Senior Pugs.
I decided to use some pics of my favorite family of Senior Pugs. Ragus Pugs! Although Baxter, Chi Chi, and Tiny have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, Sandy went from having one Senior Pug left to adding 3 more to her wonderful Pug loving home. Thank God for people like Sandy who open their homes and hearts to those seniors. She knows the pain of loosing, yet makes a spot in her heart for one more....

We also had a meeting for our fundraising events. We are very excited about the stuff we have coming up. A walk in May and Pugstock in September. We are trying to be thoughtful of the economy and keeping costs down for sponsors, vendors, and attendees. We want to host events that are fun, pet friendly and most importantly we strive to raise awareness of the commitment of pet ownership, for the life of the animal!


Sandy said...

You made me get the tears this morning. What a wonderful tribute to our angels. THANK YOU so so so much for that. They are only a thought away at all times. I still look at their pictures and tell them I love them. I just don't see myself without one or two pugs and will always be a rescue or one in need of a home coming to us. Thank you Punchy and all the other volunteers who help these little pugs get a new life.

Page said...

I second your thoughts on Sandy!! Such a wondeful person...and your scrapbook page came out great! Sorry it's so cold up there...I wish I could send a little of our Florida warmth your way!

Clover said...

What a cute page! I am really glad there are people who rescue too - so many pugs in need!!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi punchy!
what a wonderful weekend!
you can always count on me to send you donations for your events. please just ask when you need them. :)

The Devil Dog said...

That's a whole lot of work done, good for you. Mom adopted Muffie and Bridget when they were 5 years old. They really weren't seniors, but a lot of people didn't want tqo five year old dogs. Heck, the lived another ten years and weren't really old until the very end.



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