Sunday, January 11, 2009


Update to updates....don't forget the scrapbook page contest for rescue!

The group of Puggies rescued are doing well. I'm happy to say that two will be fostered by a good friend who is local. She is opening her home and heart to this pair. Hopefully justice will prevail (wow, can you tell I work in law?) and the Court will rule that they are taken from their previous owner (jailor) and find new forever homes. I will post updated pics of them in the next few days. The little one will be having one eye removed and may have limited vision in the other. The two pregnant mama's continue to rest before their families arrive.

No news on co-workers baby "E". I continue to pray that "no news is good news".

It is FREEZING here. All you "wanters of snow" your flight reservations to our house. We got 8 inches last night and rumor has it more snow and below zero temps are on their way. Be aware us northeners still go to work in this weather! The Pugs HATE the cold weather and we may have to get a tread mill to all stay in shape! We all are resembling footballs at this point!

TV/Fireplace - the TV is 48 inches, and Sandy said we should get another fireplace for bedroom...I AGREE!!!! Although I might NEVER leave my bed...well except for food, water, and bathroom????

Enjoy the rest of the's almost over!


Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm so glad that at least these two puppies are doing well.
I have all my pictures printed, and will start working on page layouts tomorrow.

Swampgirl said...

My page is done! I will mail it to you tomorrow! So glad some of the pugs are finding good places, that was such a sad story. Last winter DH put a fireplace in my bathroom temporarily while he worked on the parlor -I miss it- but I did soak in the tub too much!

The Devil Dog said...

We are glad that the rescued pugs are doing well. Can't comment about the fireplace, our bedroom is warm enough.
We are hoping the no new is also good news for the baby as well.
As for the snow, did you see the 60 car/bus/tractor trailer pile up on Rte 93 North in NH?
They were driving too fast and too close. Mom will post it.


Sandy said...

I'm thinking summer, fall is a better time to visit up there! I just really cannot imagine that kind of cold. It's cold here this morning and I can still run out there in my flip flops while they go potty. I'm so glad those babies are getting good care and hope they do not go back to that "jailer."


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