Friday, January 02, 2009

Furry Resolutions

Continue to be as cute as can be! Rest more!

Worry less...

Human Resolutions....

I'm not big into the whole resolution thing, but following in the post of Girlville here are nine things for me....

1. Continue to purge myself of unwanted and unneeded items in my house.

When I change over my closet twice a year, I already donate the stuff that I have not worn, can not wear, will never wear again. I allow myself a couple of dream items...that's it! I want to continue to do this.

In 2008 I discovered "Crafts Bits N Pieces". It is a store run by the Senior Living Counsel in the town I work in. They take lots of different items. Pretty much if you find it in Joannes/Michaels they'll take it there! I have worked in getting my craft area cleared of the projects I no longer have interest in, never liked doing, or just have and don't want. I have streamlined myself to sewing/scrapbooking and painting. That's enough! Some of you were recipients of some of my stuff. Hope you put it to use!!!!

2. Cook more. P is a big steak and potatoes guy. Now that it is the two of us most of the time, I'm trying to get him to try different things and get both of us to eat better!

3. Get back to walking! 2008 was NOT a good walking year for me! I used to walk 4 miles a day. I seriously want to get back to that!

4. Loose weight. I have not been good to myself the past couple of years!

5. Travel to one new city. This should be easy with bloggy meetup!

6. Raise $5000 for Pugs! Continue to spread the word about Pug Rescue!

7. Redo our bedroom! I had to have at least one home improvement on my list!

8. Save money! This could prove interesting with a wedding coming up in the Fall.

9. Get another Pug....heck, a girl can dream, right???


girlville said...

oh, number 9 hands down is the easiest!!! i'm very glad you found the craft bits store as i've reaped many benefits from it, lol. good luck paring down in 2009.

Sandy said...

That's a great list to work on.

Page said...

You SHOULD get another pug! When you already have four, what is one more??

Neas Nuttiness said...

Hope you follow through with all your resolutions. Now getting another pug...that would be on me dream list!!! My dear hubby is not an animal lover, and I'm pushing it with the two dogs that I already have. I'm with you on the weight's now become a NEED and not just a WANT.

"M" said...

Happy New Year...good resolution list! :-)

Eduardo said...

Great resolutions!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Nevis said...

Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha love #9!! Good luck with that one lol

Happy New Years!

AM said...

Aw I love those pictures of your pugs snoozing! So cute. I havent seen a pug in Korea yet, but be sure that when I do- I'll take lots of pictures and tell all of yall about it!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi punchy!

what a great post!


The Devil Dog said...

Those are great goals. You can come post them if you want on the Dreams With Deadlines Blog, that way we will know to support and hound you on the weight and walking goals. (If that's okay with you. :))


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I have a blk pug.


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