Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red paint and dog fights

Today went better at feeding time. I think it helped that my husband used his "STERN" voice. We went to the Syracuse Boat Show. Had a fun time.

The kitchen painting continued tonight. Fourth coat on the wall sections under the chair rail...just finished 3rd coat on the soffits. Did I mention 2 primer coats of pink toned primer? Did I mention I nearly cried when I put on the first 3 coats? Girlville told me her bathroom took SEVEN coats. P laughed and said to have fun! I'm nervous to see how it looks in daylight! Please have all Pugs cross their paws 4coats will be it!


Weeny&Daisy said...

Aww our puggy paws are crossed tight, hoping that it works out on the 4th go!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Nevis said...

I don't know what color you're painting the walls, but did you put on a primer or undercoat? It usually helps cut down the number of coats you need to get an even color?

Anyways, have fun at the boat show and don't forget to take pictures of the paint when it's up and done!

girlville said...

are you up to coat seven yet?????

The Devil Dog said...

Mom painted the boys room orange and the baseboard was dark read. The orange only goes up 4-1/2 feet. She knows what you mean about lots of coats of paint! Even with tinted primer. Are we going to see pictures? Glad dinner went better tonight.


Corrine said...

Red paint is tough. We painted a bathroom red and it was a nightmare. It took about 6 coats and it still wasn't perfect. Later on, a painter suggested that before you paint red put down a coat of gray to keep the red from "flashing". I never tried it because I vowed to never paint anything red again, but it is worth a shot.

rpm said...

OH, I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Pyrite said...

We look forward to seeing pictures. Best of luck with the colour. We had that kind of trouble and ended up painting a coat of Kilz on it to hide everything underneath! Your arms must be getting sore from so much painting!



Pam said...

I can't wait to see what it looks like! I love red.

Paula @ Pug Hugs said...

6 paws crossed here!


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