Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy Friday

Long day today. Work, dinner with friends, scrapbook workshop. I'm currently working on putting all photos not in scrapbooks in picfolios. I started at 1976 when I met my husband....I'm in 1983. I seem to have a lot of scrapbook projects all going at the same time. I hope this means they all get finished at the same time! SOON!!!!
The Furry Gang is not happy about today....they want some attention...NOW!!!!!


The Devil Dog said...

That sounds like quite a big job. Every time mom sits dowm, I am climbing in her lap. Trouble is, she is making cookies. Up, down, up, down. Stay still, will you mom!


rpm said...

I love seeing your older pictures. Looks like a nice project and will be nice to have all that documented for the future.

Pam said...

I love how you are doing those albums with the writing off to the side. So, are you mounting the pictures on some sort of special scrapbooking sheet and inserting them in the page or just cutting some paper down? Love it, really nice!


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