Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sweet Chichi gets her wings

Another angel has gotten her wings....she is running and playing with those who have gone before her.

We can only imagine how sad Chichi's mama and daddy are! Know that all of us....have sad hearts tonight too!

We love you!


rpm said...

Thank you Punchy for posting a picture of her. Yes, I have that sad heavy feeling and I'm so tired. I know it will pass eventually. We were so lucky to have her for 13 years. She was such a character around here. I will miss her barking at the dinner table even though it was maddening when it was going on. And boy, am I ever thankful for that collage you made of them last Christmas! Wonderful!

almond said...

Thz for this post, I managed to go into Ragus blog, Ragus blog is in my fave list, but the list is quite long and I missed it often, so your post is much appreciate on heartbreaking this occasion.

luv, almond


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