Wednesday, July 04, 2007


According to Webster's Dictionary:

Independence - The quality or state of being independent.

Independent - Not influenced or controlled by others; not depending on something else; no relying on another for aid or support; not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction; free from political party commitments.

America...don't loose what this country stands for Happy Independence Day!


AM said...

I knew I could count on you to have a festive picture of your pugs dressed for the holiday! Happy 4th!

Duke & Gidget said...

Those are some really awesome pictures guys! Happy Independence Day!

~Pug Hugs~

Pugsley, Buster & Cricket said...

Hi every pug,
You are just soooo darn cute in your holiday garb!! Hope you have a great 4th of July.

xoxoPugsley, Buster and Cricket

Leah said...

Happy Independence Day to you and your family! Love the festive outfits!!!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! I was hoping for Independence wear from you. And I love that Marty has outfits too.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Great pictures!

Pyrite said...

Everyone looks fantastic all dressed up! A very patriotic picture!


Pyrite and Boscoe


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