Sunday, July 22, 2007

Last day of vacation

P went Salmon fishing at 4:30am this morning, so breakfast time came a little late today. Here is Rosie using "mental telepathy" to move the sausage to her side of the table....

Zoey's methods are more instense...

Marty poses for his "sample".

Chloe was under the table waiting for droppings.

After breakfast P decided a little nap was in order. Marty and Chloe thought that was a great idea.

Then we all went outside to hang in the pen, while P did some re-leveling of the trailor.

All in all we had a nice week. Plenty of relaxation. I read FOUR books, made a mosiac table top, 3 cement/mosiac stepping stones, hung out with neighbors, went fishing, boatrides, walks, and plenty of naps. I think we're pretty rested, but are dreading back to work tomarrow!!!

*** Lisa, we got a screen room!!!!


AM said...

Wow, sounds like you gota lot done AND had time for naps! That's great!

Pugs & Kisses said...

Congrats on the screen room. We are thinking about getting one put on our trailer too. Maybe next year. this year we have already put in a new pedistal sink and toilet and stained the deck and skirting. Hearing about your vacation has gotten me excited about ours that is coming up next week. I can't wait. We really need this R&R.

rpm said...

That does sound like a great vacation! I looked into doing mosacis one time but never got the energy (ha ha) to do it! You should show us yours! I love your campsite, too.

Martha Bonneau said...

*love* the sausage pics...too cute!


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