Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hmmm, I think I'm cranky today

I can't decide it I am cranky or just majorly STRESSED OUT!!!!! Seems I am being pulled in 100 different directions and I am doing NOTHING well. 8/31 is the end of our current tenant's lease...thank goodness. I am now in the midst of the application process, which I hate!!!! How do you really know someone in a few minutes????? I guess it would be different if I was working on renting to people in a complex, but our carriage house is right on our property. The person(s) I choose are my neighbors. Over the years I have heard every crazy excuse out there and seen ALL kinds of people. I have heard the truth strecheddddddddddddddd to the point of not being the truth. Today my current tenant asked me if I thought I was her mother!!!! No darling, if you were my daughter you would NEVER speak to anyone the way you have spoken to me today. It IS my business who you have stay for days on end and park and smoke and party. It IS my business that I am being hounded to give you a good reference and you haven't even freaking moved out yet. It IS my business that the police have been on my property more in the last year with you, than the last 21 I have lived here!!!! Furthermore....a rabbit is a pet and smoking by the front door, that is open is still SMOKING. Lastly, my dear discussing when people will stop by on MONDAY when they are coming on WEDNESDAY is 24 hours notice.

Opps, almost forgot in NYS you give a person a Notice to Quit when you are not renewing their lease...and telling you that you should be careful parking on the hill, that the big tree came down on is for your OWN safety.



Anonymous said...

u go girl :) people can be so gosh darn arrogant & rude & u don't deserve it one bit!

Leah said...

Awww, I hope you get to feeling better soon and hope things go well with finding a new tenant. That must be so difficult--good luck!

girlville said...

sounds like it will be 'good riddance' when that tenant leaves!

AM said...

How about we solve your problems and move up and be your tenants? ;)


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