Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sunny and sad

I have previously posted that I live in the home that has been in my family since the 1930's. Having lived all but 8 years of my life in this town I have seen many changes. Our street in particular has gone from lazy, narrow, road with ditches and fields, farms, and a spattering of 50's built houses is now considered the "hub" area of the town. The private side road that once was the center of my grandparents farm now houses a junior high, senior high, hockey area, soccer arena, warehouse and on the far end a huge company building that now houses a gym amoung other things. Two years ago we found out that the area across the street was being looked at by a developer. The developer entered into contracts with several of the homeowners to purchase and demolish their homes for a hotel. My best, best friend lived in one of these houses. She now lives in Colorado and her parents are not in the greatest of health so the kids (4 of them) made arrangements to be here to help with the move. As busy as she was I anticipated that I would not see her while she was here. I went to pickup my son's car today and driving back towards my house saw her in her mom's garden digging up some plants. She couldn't believe it when I stepped out of the car. We sat on the front steps and laughed and talked. She took me on a tour of the now empty sad to walk those floors. She moved from our town over 20 years ago, but has always bounced back and forth for visits and now as her mom said to me "your the last"...and she's right. My family is the last of the families that has lived on this road for over 50 years. I took a few plants from her garden and a blue glass canning jar as momentos. In a few months a hotel will sit where we spent hours playing, laughing, crying and dreaming....I am the keeper of memories.... the last one left and I am sad.


rpm said...

It's just so wonderful that you have stayed in the same place for so long. Everyone knows where you are!! It's so touching that you were able to see your friend while she was there and get some momentos from her family. Development keeps marching on.

Punchbugpug said...

It was nice to go through her house one last time. Seemed like when I went into each room I could see us there doing something. Even in the back yard her dad and I talked about all the fun all of us kids had in their pool~ Great memories!


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