Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another Saturday at Pugsville

Mom - "Let's all take a nice nap on the chair"
Chloe -"I'm outta here"

Zoey - "Okay, kid show me what you got"

Zoey - "See mom, it's all Rosie Mom, not me"

Meanwhile, sweet Chloe.......


***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Looks like chloe didn't want any part of Pug Play today..she must know your aren't feeling well and was trying to See a good example to the others.....LOL Ya rosie is so much bigger than Belle a couple pounds bigger! Geeze..I need to fatten Belle up a bit! lol
Her vet said she appears healthy just is going to be a petite little girl.

-*- Nicole & Sadie -*- said...

I think they are all so innocent! There is no way either of the girls are truely at fault in this rough housing :o)


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