Thursday, February 16, 2006

Puppies and babies change everything!

It's crazy to think how one little puppy or one little baby can change (and rule) an entire household. When I had my son...many years ago I might add, I thought life was just about perfect. When I added my daughter 3 years later, the work did double, or did it triple??? I imagined having a third, but it was just not to, I have Pugs...the first was just thrilling, the second made it better and the third...CRAZY!!!! haha. That little 4 pounder is the center of the house, meantime I make sure "everyone" gets lots of hugs and playtime....same as when that second baby came in the house, don't want the first to feel dejected. I recall, my mother-in-law (Rose) may she rest in peace...once said to me: the first two were easy, the third hard...four, five and six....well, it didn't seem any different. I do NOT believe I will be trying four, five, or six Pugs!!!! I just don't have enough room in my bed!


Sandy said...

But they make you make room for them!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

OH NO! I am next! I am starting to get worried on a new change at our home least we know were are going through this together, we have eachother to hopefully put our Chaos at ease, It is a good thing My hubby and I are total Puppy stage lovers. Good Luck!

My Pugs Blogger said...

Adding any addition to your home can be jolting, but we found that raising Miko was WAY easier then when we first got Meimei. Now, we knew the ciaos to expect!

And who needs a bigger bed - when they just lay on you the entire night anyway!!

Punchbugpug said...

I don't think two made much of a's the third one. Your right about the bed, they have to sleep right on you....which would be hard with more than 3 or it is, I have the ceiling fan on - full blast!

Beth said...

Rosie is so adorably cute...that's when they're the most dangerous. You just want to love 'em up!

Ziz said...

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