Monday, February 13, 2006

Getting used to Rosie

Well....I am exhausted! Rosie slept in until 5am today. We ALL got up, she ate, she pooped, she played...the big girls went outside. At 6:30 we thought we'd grab another hour of sleep....but Rosie didn't want to stay downstairs all alone. She howled and the girls ran around the bed barking. After about 35 seconds, I went down got her and the three of them all went back to sleep...unfortunately with one dog practically on my head, and 2 on my chest...sleep did not come easily...for me! I think Chloe and Zoey are getting more used to her. Chloe acts totally the same, but little miss Zoey's nose is a little out of joint...can a flat nose do that? I have been spending a lot of my time making her feel okay about the whole thing. Once Rosie is bigger and can really play it should be WILD around here. Sorry no pics tonight. We were working on our Valentines photo'll have to wait until tomarrow for those! This Pug mama is off to bed!

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***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Do you crate Rosie? or do you confind her to a small area in your home? I am still undecided on what I am going to do. I didn't crate Willow until we built our new home, she always slept in our master bathroom with her bed and fresh water...she did no harm, but I don't know if this is a good idea for Belle or if I should just go with the crate during my outings??? I also have a good size play gate for Willow in the summertime for her wading pool I wonder how that would work? HUMMMM any helpfull hints? I only did this for one Pug now it is 2...I feel like I am pregnant all over again not knowing what to expect the 2nd time


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